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Patricia A. Slusher, N.D., M. Ed., CN, CNHP

Doctor of Naturopathy, Licensed Certified Nutritionist, Certified Natural Health Practitioner

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"Supporting your body holistically to restore balance and promote healing"

The foundation to all happiness begins with good health.

Your Visit

We look forward to your visit.  At Wellness Pathways we provide patient-centered care.  You will find a warm and caring environment.

First-time visitors

Several days before your appointment, please download, print, and fill out these three forms. Please scan the completed forms and attach them to an email to pat@wellnesspathways.com. Please also send to my email a digital photo of yourself with no other person in the photo..

(NOTE: These are PDF files and require Adobe Acrobat© Reader. Download the free Adobe Reader software here.)


Required Forms:


Your First Session


All of my test sessions are now through distance testing. I will call you to go over concerns and questions on your health background at the start of the appointment. You will have submitted the above information forms and a digital photo of yourself before hand. I use kinesiological techniques also known as "muscle testing" to assess your organs, glands, body systems, nutritional deficiencies and body stressors. I will use this information to prepare a suggested protocol sheet with targeted remedies (herbal, homeopathic and whole food) to help your body restore itself to optimal health. We will discuss your current dietary practices and I may ask you to write down your food consumption for a period of time.

Follow-up appointments generally last 1/2 hour to 1 1/2 hours.

Disclaimer: Certified Nutritionists and Naturopaths are not medical doctors. We do not diagnose or treat diseases. Nothing said or done should replace the care of a licensed physician.

View a video explaining our philosophies, beliefs, and testing methods:


New and Returning Patients

Please do not take your nutritional supplements on the day of your appointment or two meals before as it makes testing more accurate unless you are taking supplements for parasites, itching, viral conditions or medicines prescribed by your physician. Also, you may bring in any supplements you are using if you would like me to test them for efficacy.

If I am testing you at a distance, we request that you send one pill of each of your pharmaceutical medicines taped to a card with its name and potency so that we may test for interactions with herbs, etc.

Restoring optimal health is a 50/50 relationship between patient and practitioner. You will get excellent results if you work closely with me over a 3- to 4-month period. Issues that have been chronic for many years may take longer. If you have any questions about your protocol please don't hesitate to call or email and I will call you back promptly.


Initial visit: $220.

Estimated Nutritional supplements on first visit $200 - $300.

Follow-ups are $90/hour.

All fees are payable at the time of your visit with the exception of new patients who will need to pay the $220 test fee at least a day before testing..

I accept Visa, MC, Discover and American Express.

Superbill for insurance companies.

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