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"Supporting your body holistically to restore balance and promote healing"

The foundation to all happiness begins with good health.


Read what my clients have to say about their experience with Wellness Pathways:


"I am so glad Pat Slusher came into my life with her professional help in December 2016. I had been in constant abdominal pain, 24 hours a day, for 6 months. I had endured many traditional Physician appointments and numerous expensive tests . Nothing was conclusive but yet the Doctors wanted to remove my gallbladder. Also during the last three months I lost 30 pounds which was very unusual for me. I felt I was just falling between the cracks and no one in the medical industry was helping me. Pat Slusher tested me and within 2 days I felt better and in one week I was pain free. I have continued with her recommendations and I am feeling wonderful. Pat Slusher is truly a talented and caring person. She has a gift for what she does to help others. My life has been changed because of her caring. I highly recommend Dr. Pat Slusher for your needs. She is honest and delightful." B.L. 2/2017




"Dr. Pat has changed my daughter's life. My daughter was plagued with daily headaches for many years. Some were debilitating enough that she had to stay home from school. For years we talked to her doctors and not one was able to help her. She was put on Elavil, an anti-depressant, that helps with headaches. That seemed to work for a time, but then quit working. Taking matters into my own hands, I decided that I would eliminate gluten from her diet. That made a big difference, but soon she was experiencing her daily headaches, however, they weren't as severe. Then I found Dr. Pat! The first thing she did for her was to confirm my findings on gluten. She indicated that she is so sensitive, she could not have gluten again. Then she took her off corn and dairy. Within two days of eliminating corn and dairy, she did not have a headache for four days (we were still figuring how to get all the corn out of her diet, it's in everything!) Then she went two whole weeks without a headache! She gets her headaches now and then, and we scrutinize what she ate to see if we missed something in her food. She is a happier person. Pat has done a tremendous job in cleaning up her gut and her whole body. It didn't stop there, Dr. Pat suggested that continuing her on thyroid medication after working with her to strengthen and detoxify her thyroid was the possible cause of her continuing mood disorder. Working with her endrocrinologist, we have taken her off her thyroid medicine, he is allowing her to be off her medication for 6 months and we will have a recheck of her blood work in June 2016. Dr. Pat has helped me work with the endocrinologist and luckily he is open to more holistic approach disorder medicine. Her sporadic swings in her mood disorder have subsided.

I am also a patient of Dr. Pat's and she has done amazing things for me. My first appointment she muscle tested me and found that I had a bad tooth, even though I did not feel pain. She, matter of factly, stated that the tooth needed to be removed. So I went to a holistic dentist and he confirmed the same. I then went to my dentist, who was totally against removing the tooth and was trying to be patient with this whole notion of muscle testing. He asked me to go to the endodontist to get his opinion. I went and he found that I had a huge crack on the tooth and he said he wouldn't even do a root canal on that tooth. He said the tooth will die and one way or another the tooth would go. So I had the tooth pulled. She was right!!! I can't praise her enough! You will feel and live better!!!" A.P. 2/2016




"What were your symptoms like before you came in to see us? Cysts in left breast (at least 5); taking Thyroid medications; desire to eliminate HRT (Prempro). How are you feeling now? Cysts are completely gone; almost finished with Synthroid; started regimen to eliminate Prempro. Would you recommend Dr. Slusher to your friends and family? Total Care. Dr. Slusher treats the whole body, not just the symptoms. " - P.J. (2/13/14)





"I knew something was wrong with my health, yet none of the blood tests or ultrasound results showed anything wrong. The doctors all reported my counts were excellent and that there was nothing abnormal. I’m thanking God that I listened to my own body and sought additional help. Patricia Slusher of Wellness Pathways was the person to unlock the mystery of why I could feel my body on a slow decline—and the one to get to the roots of problems. If only traditional medicine would incorporate the knowledge and gifting and skill this wonderful woman has! After three months of taking the supplements, I felt rejuvenated; I felt like living abundantly again. Instead of waking up and wanting to go back to sleep, I had the desire—and energy—to get up and get going with the day to accomplish my goals and work toward my dreams. In addition, one of my carotid arteries stopped bulging and hurting (again, even after tests, my regular doctors said nothing was wrong); the pain in my breast went away (again, the doctors said nothing was wrong—so I had a thermagram, which revealed a fibrous cyst); the effects from a tapeworm (which I didn’t know I had!) were reversed; and my hormones were balanced again (no more hot flashes or up-and-down moods!). But the biggest news for me was help for my heart. I knew for a long time that something wasn’t right with my heart; Patricia found that the weakness was caused from a tooth infection—and she was able to determine the exact tooth. At first, I thought that maybe she might’ve somehow been mistaken, since, after all, none of my teeth hurt. But I made a dentist appointment anyway with my holistic dentist. He couldn’t find anything wrong. However, while removing the mercury filling in that tooth, he discovered a lot of decay, and agreed with Patricia. Since then, my heart health has improved even more. I’m so thankful! Lastly, if you need help (especially if you can’t find it via traditional medicine), let Patricia get you back on the road of feeling healthy again. Follow the regimen she’ll prescribe, be patient, and you will see results like I did. Currently, we’re now working on restoring bone loss. And if you live out of town, find a way to get to that initial visit (all other visits can be done by phone). Like most people, my life can be absurdly busy, but I made myself get up at 4 a.m., drive the four hours for my 9 a.m. appointment, and return home late that same afternoon—with new knowledge, supplements in hand, and hope in my heart that my life would indeed include abundant living again. Thank you, 'Dr. Pat' and your wonderful staff! So grateful for your caring and expertise! God bless you all in ways that will surprise you and fulfill all the desires of your hearts!" - Mary H.





"I started seeing Dr. Pat about 4 years ago when I was CONVINCED that I had ADHD - a psychiatrist confirmed that it was likely and my counselor suspected it as well! However, Pat was not convinced, and she was right! Pat has successfully treated me for chemical and heavy metal overload, parasites, kidney, liver, and gallbladder problems, digestion problems, depression, broken bones, sprains, toe fungus, sinus infections, chronic bronchitis, mononucleosis, nervous system irregularities, adrenal overload, nutrition malabsorption, pancreatitis, taught me how to manage my cholesterol without medication, and maybe best of all, resolved my hypothyroidism and got me off of thyroid medication!! I put my full trust in Dr. Pat's findings, especially when my traditional doctors come up empty-handed. You have nothing to lose by trusting your care to Dr. Pat and you will gain GREAT health and well-being." - A.S.





"I am extremely happy and thankful with God! Because he put doctor Pat Slusher on my path. I had hypothyroidism from Hashimoto's disease which is an autoimmune disease. Conventional doctors told me this has no cure and I took a pill every morning to maintain my hormones levels balanced for years. I was about to increase my dosage because my numbers were coming higher and that's when I met this wonderful doctor!! She gave me whole-food supplements and homeopathic medicine that my body needed and 5 months later I AM WELL!" 

My conventional doctor sent me to the lab to have my blood test done and all my numbers came back completely normal without the pill!!... Thanks a lot doctor Pat you are an amazing doctor and an amazing person!" - L.A. (8/2013)


"I had lyme disease for years and I could not work because my body was in pain. I spent thousands of dollars but nobody else got to the root of my problems until I found Dr Slusher. In the first appointment she found what was wrong with my body and we began working with a protocol to heal my body naturally. I am feeling super good now. She is one of the few doctors that really cares about patients and Dr. Slusher has the best tools and techniques to get to the root of the problem. I feel grateful that I found her. Thank you." - Jose; Reston, VA (8/2013)





"I had chronic fatigue and muscle pain for the last 15 years. I was tired all the time and doing basic stuff like bathing, cooking, etc became hard for me. I went to a lot of doctors, some acupuncturist, and herbal doctors. They helped me a little bit, but were not able to pinpoint the real cause. After working with Dr. Slusher, I am feeling much better. Dr. Slusher is like a God’s Angel for me. She identified that tapeworms in my body were depleting me of the energy. She is an excellent doctor, a very compassionate person, and now I am feeling much better and I’ll continue treatment with her. I will definitely recommend Dr. Slusher to all my friends and family. Once I came to visit her to get supplements with my son. She is an extremely talented doctor and also has an amazing heart to heal people." - R.K. (8/4/12)





"From adolescence, I remember having stomach problems - nausea and random vomiting. Several years later, I also began experiencing sharp pain in my abdomen, weight problems, overwhelming fatigue and body aches on a regular basis. At twenty-five years old, I couldn't even manage having a normal life. Every couple of weeks, it seemed like I was nearly bed ridden from either pain or fatigue... That's when I decided to get help. After going to a physician, who told me she didn't see anything significantly wrong with me, I desperately began searching for a doctor who would understand the ambiguous symptoms I was experiencing and how much they were affecting my life. A friend recommended Dr. Slusher, saying that after years of being wrongly diagnosed and placed on several medications, she finally found relief and permanent resolution.

At my first appointment, not only was I found to have parasites, nutritional deficiencies and organ weaknesses, but I found someone who genuinely cared about me as a person, listened to me, and understood my body. From my first visit, I NEVER experienced unbearably sharp pain in my abdomen again, I haven't had random fits of nausea or vomiting, and my energy has only been increasing by the day, as my body continues to heal. Going to Dr. Slusher was the best decision I made and for the first time in years, I am physically able to consider pursuing some of my lifelong dreams.

Dr. Slusher not only treats you, but will truly heal you and give you the building blocks to stay healthy!" - S.C. (7/1/12)





"I was on high blood pressure medication for 20 years. After being treated by Dr. Slusher for two months, I do not need to take the high blood pressure medication any longer. My blood pressure is now PERFECT. I am feeling great. I would highly recommend Dr. Slusher." (2/8/12)





"I have Crohn’s disease and wanted to get off my pharmaceuticals and manage my disease naturally. I had been on an IV dmg (remicade) for 10 years. I had abdominal pain diarrhea and fatigue. I was constantly warned about what I was eating. I feel very good now. Dr. Pat recommended a remedy to get rid of a parasite I had and I have had very few symptoms. She also found I was sensitive to gluten and I have found avoiding gluten products makes me feel much better. I feel very overall healthy."

"Dr. Pat listens to you, take her time with you and gets to the root of problems. Not only does she resolve acute pain, but also prevents sickness (I have not been ill at all this winter, despite so many around me being sick). She is friendly and warm and very knowledgeable – always learning more about her field. I definitely trust her." (2/8/12)





"[I had a] general ache that often manifested as a headache. I had had a crown (my first) put in, and had continual problems. It turns out the tooth under the crown was fractured (and needed a root canal).

[Now, I am feeling] Fabulous! Between Dr. Pat’s therapy, plus having the tooth issue properly addressed. I feel an order of magnitude better." - C.G. (12/21/11)





"I was having symptoms of headaches, nausea, acne, tiredness-fatigue, and sweaty hands. Now, I am feeling much better! All symptoms have gone away! My acne is cleared up and no more fatigue. Dr. Slusher has helped me to feel so much better! I think that everyone should come see her because she gives people exactly what they need to help them. She has made my life much more enjoyable because I am not constantly feeling bad anymore. I feel amazing now thanks to Dr. Slusher!" - L.G.





"ZYTO found the exact things my body needed. It was literally just days before I was feeling better – like myself again. I would highly recommend this process to anyone who wants to restore their health. Also, Dr. Pat has helped me be free of lymes (disease) for about three years!” - R.Z.





"I cannot even put words to the excruciating pain I was experiencing. No other doctors knew how to help. After two weeks of Dr. Slusher’s program, the pain stopped. After four weeks, I felt like myself again! Right now I am feeling like a completely new person. Great energy, sleeping well, no brain fog, I have my life back. Thank you for the wonderful care and healing. You have turned my life around I could not be more grateful.” - R. Ziadie





"I was in a high speed truck accident and was suffering from a concussion and whiplash trauma, My speech and mood were affected by the concussion and I had significant pain from the whiplash. As a result of Dr. Pat's barrage of nutrients and detox treatment much of my speech, mood and mental clarity and have been restored. She is very knowledgeable and caring in promoting optimum overall health and has done what other doctors could not do. Thank you Dr. Pat for helping me." - L.W., Montpelier, VA





"We came to Dr. Pat when my 12 year old son had severe abdominal pains and was exhausted and not gaining weight. After 3 months of [working with Dr. Pat] for parasites, he is totally recovered! Within one month he had gained weight, his appetite was back; he was more energetic and had no stomach pains or cramps. I absolutely recommend Dr. Pat to my friends and my family already comes to see her." - A.S.





“I was having a lot of difficulty sleeping and my energy was very erratic. I also was having a lot of bloating and heaviness in my gut with constipation. After working with Dr. Pat, I feel better than I have felt in many, many years. I have much more energy and enthusiasm for life. I am feeling lighter and much more consistent in going to the bathroom.” - K.G. 3/30/10





“I first met Dr. Pat almost 2 years ago. When I got to her office, she greeted me warmly and immediately put me at ease, unlike other doctors I have gone to. My wife and I had been looking into alternative medicine for quite some time and meeting her was an answer to our prayers.

Over the last 15 years we had changed our diet and tried to make other healthy choices to improve our health, but something was still missing. That something in our situation was Dr. Pat. We had first heard of QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis) through a radio program called Health Line with Dr. Marshall. After hearing the program for over 2 years, I went to the website for info and discovered they had referrals for QRA practitioners and was given Dr. Pat’s name and website.

When I arrived at my first appointment, I was not feeling well at all, despite trying to eat right, exercise, juicing, etc. Dr. Pat discovered I had parasites to begin with and after a month with her help I had gotten rid of them. Since then, she has helped with other issues I have had, such as gallbladder, liver, pancreas and an awful fungal infection (to name just a few) that I had had for a long time. She has been so helpful and kind to us, peeling away at the bad layers of health to get at the good. My health has greatly improved with her help. I’m so grateful for the help and encouragement she has given me. I would highly recommend her to those who are looking to change their health for the better.” - K.L. 12/24/10





“I called Dr. Pat after experiencing debilitating gastro-intestinal pain on two occasions that were severe enough to keep from working for multiple days. When I called her, she listened to me and immediately intuited that mine was an emergency case. During the exam, she ascertained that I had a parasite that had invaded many of my organs, glands and systems and that it was entering the impregnation stage. Her timely assessment and aggressive treatment produced symptom abatement within a day and I was able to return to work within 3 days. Prior to this, I was seriously considering going on Disability as my work is rather physical and I was not even able to sit up comfortably. As a result of her treatments, I feel stronger than I have in years. Even better, I know that since my body is working correctly now, I will be able to attack and conquer other physical conditions with vigor and confidence in success. Thank you Dr. Pat for your very loving and inspired help and healing.” - R.W. 11/10/10





"Dr. Slusher is approachable and caring and truly in this field to heal people. She takes the time needed for a thorough examination and gives you the confidence that you can get healthier and live a full life! I was a somewhat skeptical coming in since I had tried so many things to get better before seeing Dr. Pat. But I have to say now I feel the best I have felt in eleven years since I first became ill. And I am not one to declare such things quickly or easily. She knows her stuff and truly helped me renew my spirit!" - Harriet D.


"Dr. Slusher knows the underlying problems, she treats the cause not the symptoms. Her unique approach to medicine is a breath of fresh air from all the medications used to treat the symptoms. Her rates are reasonable and she and her staff are extremely personable and caring."





"I want to thank you for giving me back my life. The nutraceuticals products I have purchased from you have worked miracles in my life. Thank you. May God Bless you!" - J.W. in Alexandria





"Dear Dr Slusher, Your kindness makes us smile. Mike and I want to thank you for your Nourishing Traditions book and card. Meeting and working with you has been a real joy. You have made a really nice space for healing to take place and your passion shines through. Thank you for your inspiration. Many Thanks and Blessings" - M., B. and C.





"Ms. Slusher solved a nagging problem of mine - decreasing male performance. As I approached my 60th birthday, I was gradually losing my virility. My regular physician only wanted to treat the symptoms with Viagra but Ms. Slusher focused on the cause and prescribed a more healthy diet and Potency Nano-Plex from Permier Research Labs. I started to see results in 10 days and am now convinced we've turned back the clock 10 years! In addition, I'm paying less for a month's supply of Potency Plus than I was for the co-pay for Viagra! Thanks, Ms. Slusher!" - F.A. in Sterling





"Of all the people who have had the greatest impact in my transformation, you are among the top 5. I am so thankful for the way you've helped me feel and become." - O.T.





"Three years ago I started suffering of eczema on my legs. Natural remedies that I purchased at the health food store did not work, and the eczema started on my forearms. I decided to go to a dermatologist, who prescribed a cream. Even though the eczema disappeared, it was only temporary. It came back after only one week of not applying the cream. That is when I realized I needed to find the cause and decided to see a professional in naturopathy. I visited several naturopaths, but the eczema was not improving and I was getting all kinds of severe cleanses like pink eye and swelling on my face and legs. In addition, the naturopaths said that they did not have the capacity to give me special treatment. That was when I prayed to find the naturopath that would not only find the true cause of my eczema, but that would also be able to treat me in a special way, because my system was very sensitive and responding very quickly to detoxification.

A friend recommended me to try Quantum Reflex Analysis and I called Patricia Slusher. On the first visit she was able to connect the different conditions I was suffering that were in fact nurturing my leg eczema under my skin. No doctor ever before told me about an infection in my stomach that started 22 years ago, when I had a bad appendectomy performed. In addition, the area of the eczema was very unusual. Thanks to Patricia's guidance she discovered that due to a car accident I had when I was 9 years old, the area where I received the impact became scar tissue and that is exactly where I developed the eczema.

Since I started my treatment with Patricia, my body is stronger as it is coming to its natural balance. I have been very disciplined and the results have been amazing. Today, I enjoy not having an infection in my stomach or my peritoneal area. The eczema is gone, parasites are out of my system and we are now working with allergies that have affected me for years. It is a true blessing to have Patricia as my naturopath. She is not only a wonderful practitioner, but also a valuable woman and a precious friend. Her commitment to health and the size of her heart is priceless, and it shines through in her treatment. God Bless her career as she continues making a difference in our community and our lives!"





"I have been working with Patricia for a year. I call her my angel because she has helped me to improve my health considerably. She is very intuitive and caring and genuinely wants to help people. She will go out of her way to make sure she takes care of her patients and she will put them first before herself. When I first met Patricia I was in a lot of pain and had difficulty walking. I had given up my business which I could ill afford to do and I was struggling. I am now so much healthier and stronger and I am able to work and lead a productive life. The supplements have been amazing and they are so well absorbed into the body because they match the resonance of the cells. I had never been able to take supplements before due to their toxic levels. I do believe it takes a few months for the body to show improvement depending on one's age and commitment so it is important to have patience and allow the body to adjust. I give thanks everyday for being guided to Patricia. She is a wonderful and talented healthcare professional." - E.





"After trying various conventional doctors, I have gone to various alternative health practitioners, such as Chinese and western herbalists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, nutritionists, homeopaths, etc. They helped to some degree, which is still significant, since I'm in my 50's now and I have been seeing these kinds of practitioners since my late 30's. But in the last 2-3 months after seeing Pat Slusher, from Wellness Pathways, following her protocols, I have reached a degree of well-being and increased vitality and health that greatly exceeds any other method -- whether conventional or alternative -- that I have ever used before, and, as mentioned above, I have extensive experience in receiving different types of alternative treatments. I can truly say I am feeling years younger after a short time!

A big part of this likely, I think, comes from the fact that -- aside from being trained as a nutritionist -- Pat is trained in the QRA method, which involves extensive kinesiological testing and the application of specialized and extremely pure and potent vitamin/mineral and plant-based substances you won't find in any of the brands available at the Vitamin Shoppe or any health food store. But another big part of the ongoing good changes in me is Pat's extraordinary caring and warm personal manner. She is also very articulate in explaining how the protocols and substances she employs works. I plan to continue receiving help from Pat until I don't need to any longer, which I think is a real possibility, given the QRA method is very results-oriented, plus very precise in how and what is targeted, and does not need to take many months or years to be effective. I would especially recommend seeing Pat if you have found, as I did, that nothing else, either conventional or alternative, has worked completely or at all." - C. U., Warrention, VA





"Not being a real fan of the medical establishment due to the overuse of prescription drugs and the assembly line mentality, I found Patricia Slusher to be a breath of fresh air. For one, she listens. Then she acts like a prosecuting attorney by asking questions and trying to solve the case through the natural means of herbs and vitamins. I highly recommend her." - C., Castleton, VA.





"Dr. Patricia Slusher has been a tremendous benefit to me and my family. I came to Dr. Slusher shortly after having multiple dental amalgams removed and replaced with less toxic materials. I had many health concerns that had plagued me for many years. Dr. Slusher was very thorough in identifying issues and recommending products to help my body recover. Her observations agreed with any laboratory work I had done, solidifying my confidence in the Premier Research method of identifying health concerns. All the products were effective. One by one I have been freed from the symptoms that crippled my life. I feel happier and more alive at 51 than I did in my twenties. De. Slusher then helped my children with their issues. They have improved focus, mood and energy and are ready to experience all life has to offer them. I searched for a health care professional to help me on my journey until I found someone competent and caring. Dr. Slusher personifies excellence and I highly recommend her." - E. M.





"Patricia Slusher has guided me from being listless, constipated, and suffering and swollen lymph glands to vitality and health. She, along with Dr. Marshall's amazing nutraceuticals has given me my life back." - D. M., Retired Attorney





"Dr. Slusher's diagnostic techniques and follow-up treatment protocols have proven amazingly accurate and effective for me. I had a severe chronic condition and several minor irregularities which she definitely nailed and eliminated. In addition, I contracted hepatitis A from contaminated restaurant food. Using several evaluation methods, she identified the virus and quickly resolved it. She is an amazing lady and a skilled practitioner."     - Dr. Joseph S.





"Thanks to Dr. Pat Slusher for returning my bowel function to normal after suffering many months of diarrhea. I tried other doctors but they were unable to help over a period of 17 months. Dr, Patti gets to the heart of the matter and I highly recommend her."  - A. F., Alexandria





"I found Patricia to be as knowledgeable as she is caring. I reside in Ohio and my 23-year-old daughter is in Northern Virginia. When my daughter called me to express all the symptoms she was experiencing, I searched for a person in her area that provided Bob Marshall's products and Quantum Reflex Analysis. I couldn't have found a better practitioner: she assessed my daughter's issues and placed her on the right whole food supplements to correct her issues. Today she is symptom-free and Patricia gave me peace of mind since I couldn't be there for her. Of course, on my next visit to see my daughter, I had my own personal visit and she helped me as well. She's put me on the path to good health which I look forward to having, with her to help for years to come."         - P.L., Cleveland, OH





"A friend recommended me to try Quantum Reflex Analysis and I called Patricia Slusher. On the first visit she was able to connect the different conditions I was suffering that were in fact nurturing my leg eczema under my skin. Since I started my treatment with Patricia, my body is stronger as it is coming to its natural balance. I have been very disciplined and the results have been amazing. It is a true blessing to have Patricia as my naturopath. She is not only a wonderful practitioner, but also a valuable woman and a precious friend. Her commitment to health and the size of her heart is priceless, and it shines through in her treatment."         - N.V., Alexandria, VA





"What a caring and helpful health professional! Patricia Slusher stepped into my world to assist in my quest for healing. As my health improves, it is wonderful to be able to decrease the number of supplements and to learn which ones are essential to maintain optimal health. Thank you, thank you!"         - Anne W., Alexandria, VA